Get to know me

Stand often in the company of dreamers.

They believe you can achieve impossible things.

Hello Ladies,

My name is Daniela. I am a beauty addict, a lover of glamorous things and beautiful souls. I am lucky to wake up each and every morning next to my amazing husband and to have a job I am passionate about.  I am a loving Person and I love a good cup of coffee.

Everything I do, I put my heart and soul into, although I tend to be too much of a perfectionist sometimes.  I love people and people love to be beautiful, so I chose to pursue the art of making people happy.

Every woman has a different relationship with make-up and I found myself amongst make-up enthusiasts. I love to always try something new, no matter if it is products or techniques, and I dedicate myself to improve my skills daily.

For me doing make-up is an act of recreation. There is not a day passing by I do not read, talk or think about make-up. Even my YouTube history is all about make-up. I appreciate open minded girls who support each other by sharing their make-up hacks rather than competing.

My style as an artist is soft, natural, fresh and elegant which you will see across all my work. I love to highlight the natural beauty of clients, for them to look and feel as a better version of themselves. 

Being able to use my talent to make woman look and feel fabulous, it’s what I am most passionate about. 

Well now that you know a little about me, feel free to get in touch if there is anything I can help you with or even if you just are in the mood for a little chat. 

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